20 Years Experience In Digital Solutions
We bring our expertise to solve digital challenges and make your projects happen.

Solution Maker

Habilis Digital is a web agency with experience in all aspects of digital projects.

  • We help clients to address their digital challenges through technology and bespoke solutions.
  • We operate in all the fields of digital projects: from initial strategy, UI and UX to development and support.
  • We work in partnership to deliver customer-centric solutions and exceed your expectations.
  • We have a long experience in maintaining our solutions on a resilient technical infrastructure.

Habilis Digital in 3 points


Working side-by-side with you, we define your needs and the best way to address it.

We are on-hand to make sense of all the jargon and identify ways to make your systems, customer experience and content fit for the future.

Design and Development

Our team has got experience in building B2C as well as B2B solutions.

  • We build websites and applications with the latest technologies in mind.
  • Flexible development to fit your evolving needs.


We know that web solutions are key to your activity.

  • We provide an affordable website support and maintenance to make sure your website stays in best condition.
  • We assist you with keeping your web solutions up and running.


Over 15 years of collaboration with the world leader in search engine, digital advertising and web analytics. Our team is proficient with Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Platform, Google Cloud Platform, Google Adsense (early adopter in 2004!), Google Adwords,... and participated to multiple UX panels in Google's office in London.